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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)
We at Ecolovy have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.
If the answer you are looking for is not on this page, please use our contact form to contact us.

Ecolovy’s Gas page top
Question What kind of gas is used in Ecolovy balloons?
  Ecolovy balloons are meant to be used with helium gas only. Helium is safe because it is noncombustible, tasteless, odorless, and nontoxic. Anyone could use it without any special experience.

Question How do you insert helium into Ecolovy balloons?
  Because helium is difficult to insert directly from the tank, we at Ecolovy recommend that you use a pressure regulator to control the pressure at which the helium leaves the tank. With a pressure regulator anyone can inflate balloons with ease. We here at Ecolovy also rent out gas tanks and regulators, so please contact us with any questions you may have.

Question How long does it take to inflate Ecolovy balloons?

Provided that you are using a tank equipped with a pressure regulator, the inflation times for our various balloons are as follows:

  • Larger balloons such as the Dove, Angel, and Butterfly take about 20 seconds each to inflate.
  • Smaller balloons such as Round, Star, and Face-shaped take about 10 seconds each to inflate.

Question Do Ecolovy balloons burst when helium is inserted into them?
  When inflating a balloon, the balloon will take on its shape and begin to slowly float. That signals that there is a sufficient amount of helium in the balloon. If too much helium is inserted into the balloon, part of the balloon will abnormally expand and a short puffing sound will be heard meaning that the balloon has been ruptured. Unlike with conventional rubber balloons, a pop sound will not be heard. Ruptured balloons will not float, so please dispose of them properly.

Question If we plan on releasing many Ecolovy balloons at once, how should we keep them together until the release?
  We recommend keeping each balloon tied to a long rope until its release. Ecolovy balloons are equipped with a paper string that can be tied to the rope. When the time comes for releasing the balloons, the fastest way is to cut the paper strings from the rope using scissors.

Question How long will Ecolovy balloons float for when tied to the rope?
  We recommend that Ecolovy balloons stay grounded for no longer than 10 hours. Though the average float time for Ecolovy balloons is 20 hours, they need time to float away into the sky, so we recommend that the balloons remain on the rope for no longer than 10 hours.

About Releasing Balloons page top
Question How fast do Ecolovy balloons rise up into air?
  Unlike rubber balloons, Ecolovy balloons rise a lot more slowly. Although wind is also a factor, models like the Dove, Angel, and Butterfly float into the sky at a slower pace.

Question How long to Ecolovy balloons float for?
  After being inflated with helium, the balloons are known to float for more than 20 hours. Of course, the amount of time an inflated balloon on the rope has been grounded for should also be considered.

Question How far have Ecolovy balloons traveled before?
  Although varying weather conditions are a factor, we have found that are balloons have traveled anywhere from 500 km (310.69 miles) to as far as 2000 km (1242.74 miles). One balloon found its way from Japan all the way to Los Angeles!

→A Message of Encouragement on a Balloon
On January 17, 1995 a huge earthquake hit Kobe, Japan. One week after, 45 kindergartners from Hiroshima wrote messages of encouragement onto Ecolovy balloons and released them into the air. One and a half hours later, there were calls from people in Kobe saying that they received them.

The Dove-shaped Balloons at the Olympic Games in Nagano
On February 7, 1998 exactly 1998 dove-shaped balloons were released at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Nagano. One of the 1998 balloons found its way in Los Angeles, California, United States 49 hours later. It became a huge story across newspapers.

Question What happens when an Ecolovy balloon falls to the ground?
  When sunlight (UV rays) hit Ecolovy balloons, the materials inside the balloons begin to decompose. Eventually the balloon will break down into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass.

Question If a message card is attached to an Ecolovy balloon, how large should it be?

If you would like to attach a message card to an Ecolovy balloon, we request that you use earth friendly paper with dimensions no larger than 3 cm x 15 cm (1.18 in x 5.90 in) and a weight of less than 2 grams (0.07 oz). We at Ecolovy also recommend, aside from message cards, inserting flower seeds into the balloons. We require that the dimensions of the seeds be quite small, 1 mm (0.04 in) or less. The balloons will not fly if they are too heavy, so we recommend “Babies’ Breath” flower seeds.

Regarding Custom Balloons page top
Question Can I request a custom balloon?
  Yes you can. Please let us know about design ideas, colors, and any other requests you may like to have. We will set an estimate after assessing all potential ideas. Please contact us with any inquiries that you may have.

Question What is the size of a custom balloon?
  Larger balloons can be potentially as large as you want them to be. Smaller balloons require a minimum diameter of 40 cm (15.75 inches). Please contact us for more information.

Regarding Safety page top
Question How safe are Ecolovy balloons?
  In the event that an Ecolovy balloon is ingested into the body, it will travel safely through the digestive tract causing no harm. Also, construction of the balloons, decomposition of the balloons, and burning of the balloons cause no harm to people or the environment as the balloons are made from nontoxic materials.

Ecologically Friendly Balloons
Feel Free to Consult Us About EcolovyContact Us
Ecolovy balloons are being used at various places ranging from school events and weddings, television shows and commercials, even major international events such as the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.
If you are looking to have an event with many balloons but want to be friendly to the environment Ecolovy can make it possible. We will take care of all organization, production, and planning in order to make your event a huge success so please consult us with any questions you may have.
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